Wifi Money Starter Pack + Instagrowth Bundle
Wifi Money Starter Pack + Instagrowth Bundle
Wifi Money Starter Pack + Instagrowth Bundle

Wifi Money Starter Pack + Instagrowth Bundle

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Get Exclusive Access to 6 of My Best Selling Products at a Fraction of the Price!!

Only Available for a Limited Time

Get Access To:

1. Shopify Startup Class: not sold anywhere else!! This class is exclusively for P2G & OBM students but now you can get it with this bundle!

What you'll learn: 

  • How to build a 1 product dropshipping store on Shopify!
  • Higher level product research strategies that are NOT being taught anywhere else! 
  • 2 Hour Masterclass

Value $2000.00

2. 7 - Six Figure Side Hustles: My favorite 6 Figure Side Hustles

What you get:  a list of side hustles that I use to make money to help fund my businesses and make extra income! These are my go to sources of income! 

What you'll learn: 

  • Different things you can do to make MORE MONEY!

Value: $500.00

3. Pandemic Proof Masterclass

What you'll learn:

  • The exact products that are good to sell in 2021! I've done ALL the research for you! all you have to do now is pick one and test! 
  • 1.5 Hour Long Masterclass

Value: $1000.00

4. One Month Access to Top Floor Membership

What you'll learn: 

  • so so sooooo much!! This community is all about helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs find their next profitable business venture! We discuss opportunities and creative ways to bring in more income. 
  • Top Floor is an invite only mastermind community where I bring MY Millionaire network TO YOU! You'll get 2-3 LIVE CLASSES a month where my millionaire friends will come TEACH you about different industries you can get involved in to start your next business. IF you've ever felt like you needed more support..which you had a business bestie or accountability partner?? This is the group for you!!
  • Duration: One FREE MONTH. After that $29.95/month

Value: $5000.00

5. Manifest Masterclass:

What you'll learn: 

  • You'll hear how manifesting has helped me and walk you through our manifestation routine and teach you exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams!
  • 2 Hour Long Class

Value: $500.00

6. Millionaire Reading List:

What you'll learn

  • Exactly how millionaires think and strategize to get results in their business as well as strengthening your mindset. This is key! You must read and educate yourself.

Value: Priceless




Instagrowth Class

This Class will teach you how to quickly grow your IG following and turn your followers into paying customers. 

  • How to build social proof
  • How to find quality leads for your business
  • How to grow your brand awareness
  • How to attract your ideal customers
  • How to get your followers to buy and become loyal fans
  • How to attract your tribe
  • Amazing Bonuses will be shared 
  • How to create content that sells 
  • Using hashtags to attract new followers

You'll see how I grew 0-218k Followers

-VIP Influencer List

- Content Masterclass for Engaging + Valuable Content ( 2 Hour Class)