Learn Strategies Used 

By Business Masters!

You're one opportunity away from changing 

the course of your life. 

Copy Strategies Used By Business Masters!

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Learn Strategies Used By Business Masters!

You're one opportunity away from changing the course of your life. 

LEarn how to Grow your WEALTH from INDUSTRY EXPERTS

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Investing Master



Vending Master



Money Master



Wholesaling Master



Traveling Master



Yacht Master



Mindset Master




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 Life Skills You'll Learn

High Level Crypto Investing Strategies

@CryptoKwame will teach you the importance of cryptocurrency and future-proofing your assets. Crypto isn't going away and neither will you when you invest with his strategies.

Use Vending Machines To Make MONEY, passively! 

@Crissytutors thinks outside the box and teaches you how to make money utilizing vending machines. It's a timeless skill that earns money with little start up costs and effort. 

Handling Money To Start Your Business

@Ellietalksmoney teaches you how to control and handle money to start your own business. Learning how to deal with money is an essential life skill that anyone can benefit from.

Learn Wholesaling Real Estate 

@Mit215 teaches you winning real estate marketing strategies, A-Z steps on building a team, how to negotiate like a pro, and how to close more wholesaling deals! 

Spend Less, Travel More

@Calculatedopulence shows you how to spend less, but travel more. She has the insider details of how to curate your dream trips without breaking the bank.

How To Broker 

Boat Deals

@Yachtpartymiami teaches you how to cruise through brokering boat and yacht deals.  The boating market is on the rise and you don't want to sink.

Millionaire Mindsets

@Mikijthompson uncovers exactly how millionaires think and strategize to get results in their business as well as strengthening your mindset. This is key! 


Build A Dropshipping Store on Shopify!

@Learnwithchelsea will show you how to build your first e-com business in less than 14 days. Ecommerce and dropshipping is only growing and so should you.


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You Can't Get These Life Lessons 

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Hi, I'm Chelsea Guarriello!

I'm a mother & serial entrepreneur who relocated from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA with nothing more than some garbage bags full of clothes, her car and a makeup kit. 

Determined to succeed in life, I went from being an underpaid celebrity makeup artist for reality TV shows to establishing 4 different six-figure companies and 2 seven-figure companies in the e-commerce and digital marketing space.

Now I'm introducing you into my world and sharing access to my resources and partnership experiences that you can't find anywhere else. My network has masters that are dedicated to their crafts and living lives on their own terms. I'm dedicated to teaching YOU how to succeed like them.

It's Now Or Never!

No matter what level you're on, these masterclasses will bring you value! Take action and don't be the person that regrets lost opportunity.

If you want to build wealth, travel, or open new doors... get these life skills. You're in control every step of the way. Do it for you, do it for your family. You owe it to yourself to be better you than you were yesterday.

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