$100K Winning Product Strategy

What products should you sell on your Shopify Store? 

The products you decide to sell in your store is ultimately up to you. Don’t let this stress or overwhelm you. This can be where many people give up, but I don’t want you to be one of them.  

Finding a winning dropshipping product is simple and I’m going to guide you through how to find the perfect one every time. 

When you’re looking for winning products you need to remember these three things. If your products fall into these categories you should be good to go. 


1. Make sure your product has a wow factor. 

If you’re selling anything in 2022 you will most likely market using short form video or clear, crisp photos. You will want to be sure your product stands out and makes people stay “OMG I need that right now” 


2. Sell anything with a dedicated niche audience.

You know those passionate audiences that will buy anything related to their hobbies or collections. You could build an entire niche store off of one dedicated audience and generate $100,000 easily. Be sure to do your research and find what really pulls on their emotions and makes them smash that buy button. 


3. Trending products for the win!

I’m going to show you how to find trending products fast. These products will be where the bag is at! Jump on selling a product that is already trending and remove the word saturated from your dictionary! You’ll thank me later! So how do you find a trending product with a wow factor & a nice audience? 

You can find trending products in many different ways, but I’m going to show you my two favorite methods. 

My first way you will need to go on Facebook. There are millions of products being sold on Facebook and with Facebook ads, the sky is the limit. 

When you’re on Facebook go to the search bar and type on phrases like “50% off” “buy one get one free” and “limited time sale,” these phases will bring up posts or ads that show you what products are being sold right now. 

You can go a step further and click on the ad to be retargeted by this store and see more of the products they are running ads on right now. 

This is helpful to beginner dropshippers because your goal is to do what is already working, not reinvent the wheel. 

So check out what is working & selling for the stores you find on Facebook. 

My next strategy for finding winning products is going on Tiktok and scrolling the for you page, discover page, or hashtags. 

You can search hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit #summermusthaves #christmasgiftideas and #viralproducts. Find products that are gaining millions of views and selling out overnight all because they have a wow factor and an audience to buy! 

Once you find your product, you can go to aliexpress and compare suppliers who source your product cheaper than any other company that sells it. Now you’re ready to create your Shopify store! 

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