Mindset: From Makeup Artist to E-commerce Millionaire

You’d think I would’ve been happy with the life I had if you knew me. I was a Celebrity makeup artist working for clients who loved me and my work. I had made a name for myself in Atlanta, but on the inside I was dying to get out of that city and the life I had built. 

In ATL, it wasn’t all love & hip hop. I made it working with big hip hop and R&B artist and reality TV stars. I was around cameras, lights and so much action. My passion of makeup was being fulfilled. But why was I so exhausted. I was working 16+ hour days, and struggling to feel free from the shackles of my career. I really thinking there was no way out. How could I raise a family like this? I had no time for myself let alone a husband and babies. I had to break free. 

My name is Chelsea Guarriello, and I’ve always been a hustler. I hustled to pay rent, afford bills, and I hustled to do the experiences I dreamed of in life, sometimes as simple as going out for dinner. 

I worked multiple jobs at the same time, without breaks, and I always put money over everything, because without it I had nothing. No home, no car, no clothes, no food, no makeup, nothing... 

Until one day I had enough, I’m sure you’re feeling the same way. Tired, working too hard, not in alignment with the abundance the world has for you. I’ve been there and too often people don’t talk about the mindset struggles and challenges we face when we are growing, building, and scaling businesses, or even just navigating through life as a women. 

To provide for the life I was truly in desire of, I started searching for an income stream that could keep me paid daily, not one that deposited every two weeks. When I was looking for my new business I had to learn 3 things:

  1. You can do anything you dream of. If you can envision it you can bring it to life. If you have an idea or thought in your mind and you get excited about it, know that thought was placed there and as long as it’s bringing good into the world you should act on it immediately. If you’re struggling with business ideas, here’s 100 ways you can start asap 💯 

  1. You have to be willing to put in the work. You can’t ask for things and then resist the entire process by not taking action. If you want to start a business you’re going to have to learn about it, which requires time. One of the greatest things you can invest is your time, be sure to spend it doing the right things. 

  1. Not everything has to go how you want it to. Sometimes things don’t work out for your benefit. When you start an online business you should want to step into the roll of a leader, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn. Platforms change, processes change. The best way to grow is to become adaptable. 

After I took my mindset seriously and started practicing affirmations and positive self talk I grew the confidence I needed to invest my last $3,000 into a mentor. This mentor was generating 6 figures at 19, he was exactly where I dreamed to be. I knew I needed to learned the steps he took to build his e-commerce business and implement the same strategies into mine. 

So I paid his price & my next month in e-commerce I generated $20,000 and I’ve never looked back. 6 months into the program and my online business that requires no inventory generated me over $120,000 and I didn’t have to do any physically work or work 16+ hour days to see these results. 🙌🏽

The process I followed is called dropshipping and 6 years after my first e-commerce store I decided it’s time for me to share my knowledge and help you build your empire. 

I’ve build multiple 6 figure businesses and scaled one to a 7 figure brand. E-commerce is no joke and nothing to play about. I saw my mentor generated $100k+/month and I manifested it for myself. This is how I know this process will work for you too if you put into the mindset work to secure your financially free future forever. 

You can learn more about dropshipping and how you can start building you’re 6 figure brand today with no inventory and no handling of shipping by watching this free 30 minute masterclass so never have to look back to your 9 to 5 again.