How To Generate 6 Figures Dropshipping On Shopify

You want to learn how to make money online, but no one tells you how to do it. I am changing that right now because 6 years ago I was just like you.

I was a young woman leaving an abusive relationship and looking for a job, or a business, that would help support me while I got back on my feet. I worked as a makeup artist for a while, until I started dropshipping. Within 6 months, I generated $120,000 from one Shopify store.


My mindset of how to make money completely changed and I no longer wanted to trade my time for a 9-5, and I’m showing you how you can do it too. It’s a rinse and repeat cycle that you can apply to many different businesses, but the easiest, by far, is E-commerce Dropshipping on Shopify. I’m going to show you today how you can do the same steps I did and make 6 figures in 6 months.

What I don't want you to do is get caught up in the old way of doing business. 


Investing thousands upfront with no proven product validation from your audience, being left with inventory and no way to market it, feeling overwhelmed and discouraged because your passion didn’t work out… 

It doesn’t have to be this way and I am so happy I get to share this life-changing information with you because I didn’t want to be involved with the inventory or shipping logistics that come with a normal online business. I felt like this would be way too overwhelming for me as a new business owner with no tech skills or experience. 


I wanted to start a business where I didn’t have to be the face of or show up on camera every day.  

It’s as simple as I wanted to enjoy making sales while sitting on the beach enjoying my michilada in peace soaking up everything the world has to offer me.


Finding Dropshipping, a simple business model that doesn’t require any experience, inventory, or tech skills was a dream come true and I instantly knew this was going to change my life. Now I made it my mission to teach women this valuable skill that not only can change your life but can also save it.  

I’m going to outline some of my best practices and tips for generating 6 figures dropshipping on Shopify. Every one of these is important and if you want to scale your business, take each of these and implement it in your business. I’ve generated millions of dollars by following these strategies. Make sure you follow along, don’t skip anything, and take notes. 


1. Find your winning product 

 One product can completely change your life I sold a .17 cent necklace for $17 and generated $250,000, I found this product be defining my niche, mothers, and finding an emotional product with good reviews and supplier ratings from Aliexpress, *Pro-tip on Aliexpress you can filter by orders and supplier location which will help you vet your suppliers more accurately, 

 So when you’re looking for winning products keep in mind products with a wow factor, problem-solving products, and products that pull on the emotions of the customer. Remember we aren’t trying to sell cheap products. We want quality products that will solve a purpose for your Target audience. 


2. Define your target audience 

Your target audience is who is in the market for your product. You don’t want to have too broad or too narrow of a target audience because this will make running ads even harder. Defining your target audience is essential before moving on to the next step. Research to see what platforms your target audience is hanging out on. If they are mainly on Instagram don’t waste your time marketing on Twitter or Facebook. You will be showing up in front of your audience daily with paid ads, so make sure you know them like the back of your hand so you can talk directly to them in your ads and copy.


3. Create Your Shopify store 

Normally the most intimidating part to new entrepreneurs, but Shopify and their free themes make building your online store simple and easy. Start by finding 2-3 brand colors and 1-2 fonts on Canva and design your store logo. Now you are ready to put together your website with copy that describes your brand. Your focus will want to go to the homepage, but you will be running ads on your product pages so put the majority of your efforts there. Now make sure to add reviews to every product to show social proof, and start driving traffic to your store!

Get a free 14-day trial here. 


4. DON’T MISS THIS Adding the Facebook Pixel.

Here is a quick guide to setting up your Facebook Pixel for your store before you run ads so you can retarget your traffic. 


5. Driving traffic to your store. 

Marketing is the best part of this entire process because you will finally publish your store and share it with the world! You can choose any platform to market on, but I see and have the best results on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Influencer marketing on these platforms as well. You can choose to run ads or organically post your content, but the most important thing to remember is to test different creatives and stay consistent, even if it’s little by little never stop the growth your business is achieving because you don’t feel ready for it. Keep testing ads and creatives until you find your winners. 


This process might seem complicated at first, which is why I offer mentorship through my Online Business Mastery program you can find out more about it here… 


And if mentorship isn’t for you right now, start with my Wifi Money Starter Pack for just $99 and learn how to find winning products and build your one-product online store on Shopify in 14 days.


Starting your online business doesn’t have to be complicated and you definitely don’t have to do it alone, that’s how most businesses fail. You need guidance. If you’re going to start your online business today on Shopify, do it the right way. 

Start your 6 figure passive income empire today through Shopify dropshipping.