How To Choose Your Niche


When you’re starting a business you might think niching down to a smaller audience will decrease your overall sales. 

This is the farthest from the truth. In this blog I’m going to explain to you what a niche is, why you need one, and how you can choose the right niche for you. 

In business you’ll hear the word niche often, what’s your niche? What are their pain points? How can you serve your niche better? 

These questions can easily be answered when you define what a niche is and dig deep into how you can be a value to the community within that niche. 


A niche is a specialized group in a larger market, or a sub category that can be broken up into smaller groups to focus on and market to from an e-commerce standpoint. 

For example some niches are fitness, beauty, sports and outdoors, baby, home and kitchen, and more. 

You can expand this into different interest groups as well and find niches in the cat, gaming, entrepreneurship, cars, makeup, and even travel spaces. The options are endless!! There's a market for anything you can imagine and the niche is just the category they your interest group falls into. 

In every niche there are problems. If you learn to identify what those problems are and focus on how to alleviate the problem, or pain point- you’re going to scale your business easier and faster. 


Start by asking your friend group what they’re struggling with, ask small groups on Facebook how you can help them. Next time you speak to your next door neighbors, ask them what would make their life easier. Now take their ideas and turn it into a money making opportunity for you. When you learn how to be valuable to someone in need of a solution. They’ll always be willing to compensate you for your value. If you sell products- make sure they’re problem solvers and that you’re showing those problem solving products to the niche market it’s solving a problem for. This is the fastest way to make sure your Shopify store starts generating sales!


If you’re super connected in the skin or hair care niche, learn what is trending in your niche of beauty and find out where the paint points are that you can solve. 

Then go find a product or create a service that you can offer to your customers who suffer from that problem.

A lot of the products that can be your next million dollar product are most likely already trending in your niche. It’s your obligation and duty to act fast and be that marketer you need to be to make money in e-commerce. 

Look at your inner circle first to see what you can help with so they can live better lives, function more effectively, and be less stressed. 

When you decide which niche you want to dig deep into and learn more about to potentially market to here’s some key factors to keep in mind. 


Does this niche interest you? 

Can you be a value to this niche?

Do you get excited and creative when it comes to this niche? 


If you can remember these three questions, You’ll have no problem selling your product, making sales daily, and scaling your business.  

Pro tip* Choosing a niche that’s familiar or of interest to you will help avoid burnout and feeling inconsistent because you just don’t have the ideas to connect with the audience. Pick a niche you have a passion for and run with it!

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