5 Product Research Tips Every Beginner Dropshipper Needs To Know


When you’re researching products to sell online, it’s essential that you follow these steps. There is a blueprint to finding winning products so pay attention and follow each step exactly so you can start living this laptop lifestyle. 

Here are the steps that I take when filling my six-figure dropshipping stores up with products. Remember if you know the knowledge, but don’t do the steps you are only inhibiting yourself from success. 

  1. Go to Facebook and search terms like 50% off, buy one get one free, BOGO, Free shipping, buy now, and on sale now. Search through the products and find one that stands out to you. Look at the engagement the post is getting. How many likes, comments, and shares does the video have? If it’s currently trending  start researching that product on Aliexpress. 
  1. When you’re on Aliexpress type in the product name or keywords. Filter by highest order number and rating. You can even filter by USA supplier to find faster shipping times. 
  1. If you’re having a hard time finding your winning product you can use turbo ad finder chrome extension for product and ad inspiration.
  1. Read the reviews on the products on Aliexpress. Make sure your reviews have photos and high ratings. The reviews will be a major factor if you want to resell this product. You don’t want chargebacks or problems with your customers. If the reviews on Aliexpress are more negative than positive, stay away!
  1. Reverse engineer your product. Find the websites where your potential products are being sold and research your competitors. Note how the product pages look and how you can make yours look better. If everything checks out, start testing that product! 

Don’t wait until you’re sure you have a winning product. Remember it’s not a winning product until it’s making YOU money. 

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