Schools only teach you career paths that turn you into an employee so you can generate billions for corporations while you live a tired, unfulfilled life. 

It’s only until you take matters into your own hands and learn skills you can master and become the CEO of your online business. 

Any of the skills I’m going to share with you today can generate you 6 figures in 6 months and give you the path to true financial success. 

Let’s walk through 10 revenue generating income streams that you can start as a side hustle business, or additional income stream. When we break the numbers down, you’ll see how easy it is to generate an extra $100,000 in 6 months. You have what it takes to do any of these income streams when you put your mind to it. 


Hi my name is Chelsea, 6 years ago I decided I no longer wanted to live as a victim to my own reality. I wasn’t happy in my toxic relationship, I was hurting. I was struggling, I was tired. We’ve all been there, you have dreams and goals, then life happens, tragedy happens, you get busy and time gets lost. I understand because I’ve been there before. 

I was working 15+ hour days on my feet and always on someone else’s time. I knew I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I changed my mindset and started learning new skill sets and building income streams. 

I started off e-commerce dropshipping, and couldn’t believe the world I had been exposed to. I invested in myself and started learning how to build Shopify E-commerce stores, find products that will sell millions in the right market, and how to market on social media to build a loyal community and make money. 

I generated half a million dollars selling products I never needed inventory for. I did this by sourcing products from websites and suppliers like Aliexpress, cjdropshipping, Alibaba, and spocket and selling them on Shopify. When you’re a dropshipper, or have any no inventory business you are the middle man. You find the products, create your offer, and you sell to the audience that’s interested and looking for products just like yours. It’s simple, straightforward, and a perfect starter income stream for anyone looking to create more revenue. Think about products you’ve seen marketed on TikTok and Instagram reels like the zen shower head, Ice facial roller, and back cracking spine board. These are all products you can find and resell to help connect the audience with products they need and put more money in your bank account. 

Once you master the process of dropshipping, Starting another stream of income such as Print on Demand will be a no brainer for you to try. You can start a merchandising line, clothing brand for you or your children, or T-shirts to sell with your current business name and logo on it without having to order thousands of dollars of inventory upfront without ever even knowing if you will sell out. Imagine you had $1,000 worth of inventory. You sold 30 T-shirts at $30 plus you had to pay someone to help you market them. You generate $900 off your shirts, you pay your friend $300 for helping out for the day and at this point you lost your money, time, and motivation to do it again. 

With dropshipping and print on demand you will be selling the product first and ordering it second, that way you have no leftover inventory sitting around your home, more time to spend with your family and building other streams of income, and more money in your bank account.  


No inventory businesses are the smartest to start in my opinion, the freedom they allow is unmatched compared to any other business I know of. 

Now once you learn these skills you can implement them to start any online business in any niche. When you learn the color psychology behind why buyers buy online and how to effortlessly attract them to your website with your copy, videos, and ads you can build the empire of your dreams. 

E-commerce isn’t just about physical products. I’ve built a multi- million dollar business from selling digital products that I created and sold to my audience to teach them the process of what I do. My digital products range from $7 to thousands of dollars to get mentored by myself and my team. These products are all designed to solve a pain point and are highly valuable for the price. One tip I teach anyone, when you know something well enough and have data to back it up, start teaching it! You can develop your own personal brand like I have and sell digital products to your audience to make money on demand and live that true laptop lifestyle 

Once you become a personal brand the sky is your limit. Grow your following, loyalty, and social media presence and become an influencer. Posting content and driving traffic to your own print on demand merch site, digital products, and affiliate links can put more revenue in your pockets and build reports with billion dollar brands to keep getting more deals and traffic.

These are just a few of my income streams that I love to share with anyone looking to get into e-commerce now before it grows and we all make a bag without you. 

When you learn e-commerce understanding buyer psychology and marketing is inevitable. You will be recognizing what style posts do better on each platform, how your audience likes to be communicated to, and how to run social media and influencer ads. All of these skills can be monetized and offered as a service to brands and business owners in e-commerce, brick and mortar stores, and personal brands. 

You could become an ads manager and oversee the advertising process of a business social media accounts. 

Or a graphic designer that creates content for business owners that displays their brand and implements psychology to make your products or services a no-brainer to invest in. 

Oh and let me not forget when you’re marketing every word you use is important. The words you use in your content can make or break a sale. Copywriting is becoming more popular than ever. Successful copywriters can generate $10,000 per month, charging $2,000 per client leaves you with just 5 clients to manage a month. Then you can add digital products in your business to create an additional income stream. 

And if you don't want to just offer one of these you can start a virtual assistant business with the skills you learn when you get into the world of e-commerce. Virtual assistants are making $5,000+/ month easy, you can even add a dropshipping store and a print on demand shop to add extra income every month. 


Most people don’t know about Domain flipping . This is when you buy a domain name as cheap as possible, sometimes you can even find one for free. Then without having to do anything extra with the domain, you sell it to another person for more than you originally paid for it. You can start a simple side hustle of flipping domains or even fully set up Shopify stores when you learn e-commerce. 

Welcome to the world of e-commerce and digital marketing. I hope you find your spot here with me soon. I’ve made millions in e-commerce, built up 9 streams of income, and empowered women all over the world to believe in themselves, stay consistent, and focus on the life and impact they want to manifest into the world. 

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