Looking At Content Creation Differently

If you stress out about content, I want you to start looking at it differently. 

The goal for our content is to connect with your audience. We focus on data and insist on our published content to determine if our audience likes it or not…. If you do more of that or pivot and try publishing a new style or a showcase newer topics in my content. 

When you learn how to break down your insights, and how to comprehend the data that these free tools like Facebook and Instagram provide to us you’ll find yourself making content easier, making conversions simpler and you’ll find that your audience is connecting with you in ways like never before. 

Analyze your past posts and see which pieces of your content received the most saves, likes and shares as that shows us that that content resonated and hit home with your audience. 

Your follower insights is what’s going to give you the breakdown of who your audience is. You’ll be able to see demographics, gender, ages and more so that way when you’re creating your content you can KNOW exactly who you’re speaking to and you can craft your messages to make sense and connect with the maturity level of your tribe.. ur ppl.. ur audience. 

This breakdown will also tell you the most active times for your page.. when your audience has been most likely to be active on your social media. I use this information to determine when my team and I will publish our content, when it’s best to go live stream, when to launch a flash sale and so on. This information is so helpful to ensure that we’re working smarter and we’re creating and publishing content that can be seen by the masses and impact even more people to complete whatever action we’re telling them to with our content. 

The last metric I like to check out often is my reach. I like to identify which posts have reached the most people so that I can decide if I want to leverage that content in the form of a paid advertisement. This is how I decide which posts to promote and put my money behind. This is the basis of my creatives when it comes to my campaigns and promotions. I don’t guess and I don’t assume I make decisions based on data and numbers. Factual assessments about my business and the consumers of my business so that I can make better decisions and make more insight based decisions when it comes to choosing what I want to put time into creating and producing. 

I find when ppl have no direction and just take shots in the dark… they feel like they’re working soooo hard and feel so scattered and like they’re just working and exerting without any sign of progress or result. They have nothing to gauge or measure.. nobody is assuring them that this is working or correct until a random sale pops up one day! That can be so discouraging! 

I prefer to take chances in my business but only after I’ve used a validated blueprint or gained valuable insight into the objective. When I study my insights first…I’m able to come up with a plan to execute based on what’s working instead of just assuming and guessing. I’m able to utilize information my business has already verified, stamped, and certified to get even better and more spot on results! 

Before you go and start thinking creating content is too complicated or too overwhelming…Take a few minutes to study your numbers and data and watch how much easier things become! 

If you plan to take me up on this content strategy or if you have any questions drop me a message down below and I’ll make sure to reply!


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